Session 4 Speakers

greg fudacz

Thomas Edison, Ike Turner, and Me?

A brief history of the Edison Typewriter and how I procured my personal Edison from a Turner.

Greg Fudacz is a typewriter dealer turned collector residing in Connecticut with a focus on very early writing machines, their development and the men that made them. The histories of many early typewriters are gathered on his Antikey Chop website.

Jack Armstrong

Teenaged Typewriter Repairman

Jack will be talking about how he got started in typewriter collection and repair, review how he built a new business, and the story behind the Royal P Vogue that recently sold for over $3,000.00.

Bio: 15 year old typewriter repairman, Jack Armstrong, has been collecting for almost three years and recently opened the Tampa Typewriter Co.

Amanda Olivia & Glen Crookston

New to Typewriters? Picking the Best One for You!

Amanda and Glen will guide new hobbyists in selecting the best typewriter to meet their needs and expectations. This session will be focused on users over collectors and features humor through their fun, yet educational, banter.

Bio: Amanda is a Texas native and a lifelong resident. She is a writer and artist. When she's not herding cats and wrangling typewriters, she's studying violin and growing herbs in the garden.

Glen is a Colorado Native and has lived in Texas for seven years (this time). He is a writer and student of history. When he's not stepping on cats and accidently digging up herbs that he thought were weeds, he's scouring the floor of the workroom for the little bits that fell off the typewriter or firearm he's attempting to repair.

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